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Application instructions and guidelines



There are no application deadlines.  Inquiries are reviewed on a rolling basis.  No grants are made for building campaigns or endowment contributions.  As a rule, the Foundation does not fund indirect costs as individual components in its grants, nor does it fund individuals.  Please include the following information:

Name of Organization:




Contact Person:

1. Amount Requested


2. Term of Project (beginning and end date)


3. Brief Description of the Organization (2 paragraphs, maximum)


4. Description of the Project that this Grant will support (2 pp, maximum) including

  • How the project fulfills the Hedgelawn Foundation mission statement

  • Organizations qualifications for carry out this project

  • Project Outcome, including short term/long term impact and intended beneficiaries

  • Sources of support for the project, including any matching funds (strongly encouraged, if not required)


5. Project Budget (1 pp, maximum) including:

  • Total project budget (revenue and expenses)

  • Utilization of this award against total project budget


6. Supplemental Materials:

  • Proof of tax-exempt status (IRS Determination Letter)

  • List of Board of Directors and Senior Staff

  • Any publications/print materials that further explain this project (if available)


7. Final Report: Acceptance of this grant requires a final written report within 3 months of completion of this project.  For multi-year awards please submit a brief Project Update at the end of each annual term, and a Final Report upon completion of the project.


8. Acknowledgement: Acceptance of this grant requires that the Hedgelawn Foundation be listed in any published materials of, and be mentioned in any spoken acknowledgement of, fiscal sponsorship of this project.

9. Contingency, For Multi-Year Awards Only: The Foundation reserves the right to modify or terminate a multi-year award for any one or more of the following conditions:  funds not utilized as per original intent, funds not utilized, significant change in scope or mission of the organization or project, loss of key personnel that directly impacts implementation of project.


Please return application materials to: or The Hedgelawn Foundation, c/o Ben Kohl, PO Box 144, Betterton, MD 21610.

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